Wednesday’s Warrior: Husband and wife nurses on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic

Wednesday's Warrior

They say it’s their job. That they understand the job often comes with long difficult days. Along with shifts that are hard to digest dealing with the loss of patients.

“That’s what we signed up for,” said Trung Le, nurse at UConn Health.

“We’ve all felt a sense of expendability,” said Jill Alsgaard, nurse at UConn Health.

Trung Le and Jill Alsgaard are husband and wife. They’re parents and also frontline workers.

“So we were kind of double the risk of taking the covid virus back home to our families and children,” said Le.

Working as nurses during the coronavirus pandemic has been physically and mentally challenging.

“We saw the sick of the sick you know and people on vents. People dying alone. I’ve talked about it before the no visitor policy. It was tough. People were dying alone face-timing their families, not knowing if they were able to say goodbye and often because we were so busy we weren’t around to hold their hands when they died,” said Le.

Trung contracted covid-19 while taking care of those who were ill from the virus, forcing him to self-quarantine and leave Jill alone to parent and homeschool after overnight shifts at the hospital.

“We have to sometimes put our patients lives in front of ours,” he said.

“You don’t know anything about covid, right. We don’t know what’s happening with it. We don’t know the extent of it and then you’re going home and trying to protect your family at the same time but you don’t have the support because your mom is isolated or your siblings are isolated,” Jill said.

“She’s more of the hero than I am,” Le said.

Both heroes and both warriors who even during the darkest moments are proud to be nurses.

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