(WTNH) – Luna, just like every other kid, loves to play, loves to swim, and be outdoors. She’s pretty funny too, but, what makes her so special is something you don’t see here…her big heart! “I just like helping sometimes,” said Luna MacDougall of Mystic.

Luna recently celebrated her seventh birthday and as the invitation to her birthday party reads, no gifts allowed! “Because I already have too much stuff and I was watching TV one time with my Grandfather one time and I saw this commercial and it made me really sad.  I asked my Grandma to donate money to the homeless kids and then we decided to do that for my birthday.”

A birthday wish of Luna’s that is helping other kids’ wishes come true. “I had a goal and it was one-thousand dollars but I got over my goal.”

All of that money is going directly to the Covenant House which provides housing and supportive services to youth facing homelessness. “To stay safe and stuff instead of on the streets” added Luna.

Luna is thankful for all who helped. As for her eighth birthday, well she reminds me her half birthday comes first! “I was thinking for my half birthday I would go to this place in NYC or wherever it is and go to this place called Luna Park. Then my real eighth birthday I want to … let’s see…. What do I want to do??

After much thought Luna says wants to just have a big part in her backyard in the woods. She also says when she grows up she wants to be a veterinarian.