(WTNH) – Striking a chord with Connecticut kids, this week’s warrior is raising funds to make musical wishes come true.

“I started to realize when I was meeting kids and even their children, they were wearing masks,” said Vincent Rodriguez.

Vincent Rodriguez knows there are grins behind the masks.

“You could tell by their eyes that they were smiling,” Rodriguez said.

He started the Smiles I Can’t See organization. It started in August of 2020 when his employer gave each employee $500 to donate to a cause near and dear to their heart. So, Vincent, a musician himself, decided to give the gift of guitars.

“I put out a video saying, ‘I am looking for children that would want a guitar,’ then before I knew it, people started donating,” Rodriguez said.

Now, 95 guitars later, Rodriguez continues to strike a chord with CT kids.

“They are all really special and when I meet these kids, I can see in their eyes they’re very excited and their parents are really appreciative,” Rodriguez said.

Not only is Rodriguez on his way to gifting 100 guitars, but he is also in the works of becoming an official 501 C3. To learn more about the organization, click here.

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