Keeping students engaged is a difficult task when it comes to distance learning.

“I tried to keep the experience as close to as what we did in the classroom as possible,” said Mr. Jones, 8th grade math teacher at Read School.

Mr. Jones from the Read School in Bridgeport makes it work. Keeping his 8th grade math students enthusiastic.

“We also did fun things. I told them on Fridays we’d do something different you know, so one Friday I created a song and I sung to them.”

He took it upon himself to say enough to those take home packets and instead request students go virtual using Microsoft Teams as soon as possible.

“He was like, ‘Listen we want to start holding meetings, reaching out to the students,’” said Principal Smith.

Principal Smith says Mr. Jones goes above and beyond. He also went and bought extra equipment  for his house so that he could literally have a real school set up.”

Making his students feel as normal as possible while learning during a pandemic. “He works to build relationships with his students, even students that are not his own,” Smith continues.

Making him a warrior.

“There comes a time when we’ re here to… when the class must come together as one. There are people learning and it’s time to lend a hand to education… the greatest gift of all,” Jones says.