NORTHFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — At just 16 years old, Northford teen Luke Izzo is helping others get a pinch of prevention.

“I tend to help people after school and during my free time. We need everyone to do their part to get through this,” said Izzo.

As a moderator for the New York / Connecticut Vaccine Hunters and Angels Facebook group, Izzo guides thousands in booking covid-19 vaccine appointments.

“Hundreds of people come to the page every day. What I do is I walk them through the process, or I end up booking the appointment for them.”

So whether it be, “Your parents or your grandparents or your grandparents’ friends.”

Or now, even Connecticut residents 16 and up, since they recently became eligible, Luke is there to help.

“I have a passion for helping others,” Izzo said.

His good-work and tech savvy skills diversify beyond social media.

“I help people out who don’t speak English or don’t have access to the internet.”

He has even created a vaccine appointment hotline with bilingual speakers, “In Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian and German.”

“It’s like a war-time effort people will remember who helped them during this tough time,” Luke added.

Wise beyond his years, Luke is a warrior we won’t ever forget.

If you would like help in booking a vaccination appointment, you can visit the New York / Connecticut Vaccine Hunters and Angels Facebook page for assistance. You can also find access to the hotline through there.