(WTNH) — For Bristol’s Peyton Troth, giving back a lifestyle.

“The last time you guys saw me, I was making sandwiches for Brian’s Angels Homeless Outreach Center. But what I didn’t get to talk about was my own non-profit, Peryton’s Promise,” Peyton said. “I couldn’t really rationalize that my peers didn’t have things such as a pencil or an eraser within the classroom, so I thought to myself this can’t just be in this classroom.”

Through Peyton’s Promise, she is working hard “to make sure kids are getting the tools they need to obtain the education they deserve.”

She’s donated fidget toys to Ivy Drive Elementary School, which is in her hometown of Bristol, to focus on social and emotional learning.

“I believe it is so important and hopefully by donating those fidgets, students will feel more comfortable and safe in the classroom if they don’t already.”

News 8 recently highlighted the great work happening at Ivy Drive through their social-emotional library, which is full of texts that help kids better comprehend their emotions.

Ivy Drive Principal, Emily Gomes, says “I Promise” “is one of my favorite books to read with students at the beginning of the school year.”

And it so happens that Peyton donated the book. “I Promise” teaches students about “being the best version of themselves. And it’s actually written by LeBron James, so it an author that many students are familiar with,” said Gomes.

“LeBron James actually inspired my non-profit Peyton’s Promise, and we both have that same goal of making sure that kids get the education that they deserve,” said Peyton.

This now ninth grader is doing great things and has set big goals for herself, but reminds younger students to “always believe in yourself.”

“Yes, it’s good to look at the bigger picture,” she added, “but you should always make small goals for yourself and be happy about those goals.”