Conn. (WTNH) – A mind and body connection.

“On a weekly basis, people come up to us and say this program saved my life,” said Ethan Hershman, Co-Founder of Move to Heal, which was founded in June 2021.

“Move to Heal is a non-profit organization that gives services to people that are suffering from any type of life trauma, mental health issues, stress, anxiety, depression, substance use disorder.”

People from all walks of life grow stronger, physically and mentally.

“We have intro fitness classes at local gyms an then that’s followed immediately by a group recovery meeting.”

This is a personal cause for Ethan Hershman.

“I’ve been in recovery from drugs and alcohol for 30 years now. When I got into recovery, I had the resources to join a gym. Most people who are suffering from substance use disorder a lot of times don’t have the resources to do these things.” 

Healing is a shared family passion. Ethan’s daughter, Allie Hershman, is also a Co-Founder and a licensed therapist.

“We really wanted to provide a space that anybody could feel comfortable walking in and finding support,” said Allie.

Spread out at partnering gyms across Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, services for Move to Heal members are free!

“They are offered by the non-profit free gym memberships at the gym that’s hosting are also offered, they are also offered free one one-on-one therapy from a licensed therapist, and also free nutritional counseling,” said Ethan. 

A fitness routine where individual burdens get easier to lift and manage. “We are certain that lives are being saved.”

If you would like to learn more or support Move to Heal click here.