SEYMOUR, Conn. (WTNH) — Seymour is calling all units to say thank you.

“Officer Ron is not just our school security officer, he is a member of our community,” Ms. Alexandra Giannelli, special education teacher at Bungay Elementary School, said.

Fifth-grader Matthew Gengo said that students feel safe because “he protects Seymour schools.”

“He keeps us safe and teaches us about safety,” fourth-grader Carolyn Horowitt said.

These Bungay Elementary School Students are talking about the school’s security officer Ronald Barnard.

“The kids…I love the kids,” Officer Ronald Barnard said. “This is a very supportive school.”

As a retired state trooper who protected and served Connecticut, he now protects the schools hallways and the students and faculty who fill them.

Officer Ron is their warrior. Described as a “gentle giant,” Officer Ron goes above and beyond.

“I have kids that come up to me and I take them for a walk, we check doors, we talk, and to be honest, I think I get more out of it than them,” Barnard said.

Hoping to brighten his day, students decorated doors in his honor. Some read “Mr. Ron builds us up” and “Mr. Ron we are so happy to have you in our school.”

“He doesn’t just make us feel safe, he makes all the kids and staff feel loved and welcomed,” Bungay Elementary School special education teacher Ms. Alexandra Giannelli said.

This Seymour school is full of love and a lot of that has to do with Officer Ron.

“I get up everyday looking forward to come to work,” Barnard said.