Wednesday’s Warrior: The Wining Ladies of Wolcott, Waterbury and Bristol

Wednesday's Warrior

When you hear the phrase “wining ladies,” you probably picture a bunch of women complaining, but that’s certainly not the case here.

“We are as women just helping each other out,” said Megan Campagna, Co-Founder of Wining Ladies Wolcott, Waterbury, Bristol Areas.

It’s all about, “Just joy and excitement,” said Amanda Healey, Wolcott Co-Founder of Wining Ladies.

Meet Megan Campagna and Amanda Healey of Wolcott. Together, they started a local private Facebook group meant to lift spirits.

Wining Ladies of the Wolcott, Waterbury and Bristol areas has over 400 members and their mission is simple, wine a stranger!

“I got wined on Saturday,” said Megan.

How it works is the ladies create baskets for each other “Full of goodies and drinks, and it’s not just for women,  it’s also for their children so we do a variety of different baskets. We put up a post, get everybody’s addresses, allergies, likes, dislikes.”

“Go shopping, spend way too much money and have a lot of fun,” said Megan.

Then those baskets are left secretly at another member’s doorstep.

But you have to be quick when ringing a doorbell and dropping off the gift because the “Wine Fairies” are never meant to be seen.

“We’re spreading the positivity. We’re trying to make people smile and have good things to come home to or open their door to,” said Megan.

Kari Smith, who recently got wined, says it couldn’t have happened at a better time.

“It was perfect timing. I was having a really really rough day and it was the highlight of my day,” said Kari Smith.

This is a group of women, “Sticking up for each other and creating bonds,” said Megan.

“It’s just one thing to keep us together and keep us all on the same path to try and get through this together,” said Amanda.

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