WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — A group of teenagers from the Brass City paired up with law enforcement to serve the community they call home.

Most recently, they helped people dig out.

“To be honest, it feels pretty good to help people out and make the world a better place,” PAL member Xyshawn Punter said.

These snow angels are part of the Waterbury Police Activity league Shovel Brigade.

During the cold winter months, these teens warm the hearts of Waterbury residents. They shovel for the elderly and physically disabled free of cost.

“Some people get up, going through back pains and stuff and it’s not good for their health, so it makes it easier for them,” Punter said.

Sethfon Cooper, PAL member, said that helping out is a big part of growing up in the community. The program aims to help others — Cooper said it feels good to come out and shovel for the people who maybe aren’t able to on their own.

As an extra bonus, PAL pays these teens minimum wage for their hard work helping to shovel people out. So they get to earn money while serving their community and building relationships with police officers!

If you know a warrior in your community who you believe should be recognized for helping others, you can nominate them here.