WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — A life worth talking about, and a life worth celebrating!

Edward L. Jamele Sr. is 100-years-young, you might say. He is a war warrior and warrior of love and life. Jamele recalled his early days as a young boy in Waterbury, noting, “it wasn’t very popular, but it was home.”

Jamele then went on to serve in uniform.

“We went down to Camp Sibert in Alabama,” Jamele said. “Camp Sibert was chemical warfare.”

Serving in World War II in the 100th infantry division chemical warfare, he was also stationed in North Africa and Germany. It’s difficult for Jamele to talk about his time serving, but his medals, specifically his purple heart, speaks for itself.

It may be hard to believe that his service isn’t his proudest accomplishment. What does he describe as his proudest moment? Marrying his wife, and love of his life, Marie.

“We spent 66 years together,” Jamele said. “What a wife, what a wife.”

He said the two were living life and creating life, “so long as we were together, that’s all that counted.” Together, they had two children, four grandsons and one great-grandchild.

So many of their years were filled with family  dinners, celebrations and vacations. However, Jamele reminds us that with happy moments also comes sad moments. He Lost Marie and misses her every single day.

Sorrows aside, life is good.

“I couldn’t be happier, I couldn’t be happier,” Jamele said.

He’s happy to celebrate his 100th birthday on June 10 and has a reminder for all:
“Love, that’ll carry you the rest of your day.”