(WTNH) – The Community Soup Kitchen in Torrington is a community lifeline to many.

“We here at the soup kitchen, we serve three meals a day, seven days a week,” said Lisa Hageman, the kitchen’s executive director. “We served 125,000 meals last year.”

Some days, a lot of people wouldn’t get a meal if it weren’t for the soup kitchen. The staff and over 300 volunteers step in to make sure that people aren’t going hungry.

“It’s an open door policy. Anybody that’s hungry, we feed them,” said Hageman.

Hageman believed that when News 8 came knocking at the soup kitchen’s door, the story written would be to promote the kitchen. Little did she know, Hagerman had been nominated by her peers to be Wednesday’s Warrior.

“Well, I don’t take that kind of stuff easy,” she said. “I’m very humble when it comes to that. You know, it’s our team here, where it’s not singled out.”

Described as going above and beyond, her friends say Hageman cares deeply for the individuals she sees and feeds daily.

“She’s a good person, she does a lot to help people out,” said John, a client at the kitchen.

“The relationship I have with most of the clients is I know everything about them, right down to their medical, half of them [I’m] on their emergency contact,” she said. “I’ve always had homeless people sitting at my house, taking them in for dinner or holiday.”

Her journey wasn’t an easy one, but her experiences allow her to empathize and be a good influence on those around her.

“I’ve gone through what they have gone through. You know, I got 21 years sobriety in me and you know, I know what it feels like to have nothing and be outside,” she said. “I’m just trying to do that, you know, and fight hunger one day at a time.”