(WTNH) — While there have certainly been a number of problems from the pandemic, there have also been opportunities. The Clinton School District is proud of one of the opportunities that came out of the pandemic. 

Superintendent Marco Famiglietti tells News 8 the partnership began in January 2020.

They paired students up with local manufacturing companies like Bausch Advanced Technologies. The partnership benefits both the students and the companies. 

Famiglietti says, “The fundamental skillsets our local advanced manufacturers are looking for a work force who can collaborate with eachother, that are independent thinkers and problem solvers and come with strong work ethic.” 

The other part of the collaboration is to change the mindset and perception of what manufacturing is all about and encourage students to get into the booming manufacturing industry in Connecticut. 

Oliver Bausch is the president of Bausch Advanced Technologies and he says, “Particularly in Germany, they’re very well known for their education system, we have had very good success in early engagement for students. They are understanding and seeing what’s being produced and of course also creating the idea of that may be a career path.” 

Jessica Flanagan is a junior at the Morgan School. She’s studying manufacturing and interning with Bausch, “In seventh grade, I was talking to my math teacher. I told her I really liked medicine but also the building process and she told me I should look into biomedical engineering.” 

In class she learns about the design process and at her internship she gets a hands on experience, “It’s just really nice to be hands on and know I’m helping something that’s bigger than a class project.” 

It’s an opportunity that flourished during the pandemic. Bausch says, “We are a manufacturing business and we have been manufacturing machinery for pharmaceutical biotech industries and with covid there has been a demand.” 

Nik Colebank graduated in 2020 and was supposed to attend the University of California San Diego but with his remote classes has been able to stay on the East Coast and get a jumpstart on the career path, “Now I’m working at Bausch part-time as an engineering intern while I’m learning online after work.”

A successful partnership between multiple companies around the area with opportunities that come in different forms.