EAST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Students at East Haven High School are working with their community in hopes of learning of improvements needed for their school.

The school is participating in a “welcoming walkthrough,” made possible by the State Education Resource Center. It invites students, school leaders, police, and leaders in the community, to tour the halls and find areas of improvement to be more welcoming to all families.

“East Haven has a very diverse community with many languages spoken. There are over 20 languages spoken of the families who attend our schools,” said Julie Church, Family and Engagement Coordinator.

“One thing we can maybe change, that not all schools have caught up to yet, is our communication and making that accessible in multiple languages.”

The idea is the more inviting it feels, the more safe and supported students will feel in their development.

Willow Torres, a sophomore at East Haven HS, said she is looking for the school to have more accessible signs, so people can know what area of the school they are in.