BERLIN, Conn. (WTNH) — Look out for Miss Lily!

She’s cruising around Berlin High School in her new souped-up car — a joy ride that wouldn’t be possible if not for the students who line the hallways.

“When I heard about this, I thought it was super cool and wanted to be a part of it,” BHS senior Kaya Rutkowski said.

Rutkowski is one of dozens of students who have voluntarily teamed-up with Central Connecticut State University students to make dreams a reality for kids like Lily.

Lily was born with low muscle tone, so it was a struggle for her for her first three years of life, her mother Rebecca Carling explained.

The program, “Go Baby Go,” allows students to modify power wheel ride-on cars to fit the needs of kids who struggle with mobility issues.

“The program started to address the problem that electric wheelchairs are not available for really young children, so if you’re a child with mobility impairments, you’re essentially not able to move on your own,” CCSU technology professor Michelle Dischino said.

For young kids, babies, and toddlers, being able to explore the world is critical to development.

Students in the program have modified nearly 200 cars now to meet each child’s specific needs.

“We’re making the seat higher to support her back, using a button instead of a gas pedal since she can’t use her feet as much as she can use her hands,” Rutkowski said.

Lily’s ride is covered in colorful stickers. The ride helps her feel comfortable and independent like any other 3-year-old would.

“It’s awesome, it’s like the most fun a kid could have,” CCSU junior Zachary Aglieco said.