Platt Technical High School students help NASA

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It was a challenge from NASA, and four students from the information system technology class at Platt Tech answered the call.

“I didn’t really think we would get invited down to Texas. Yeah, that was definitely a shock,” said Shane White.

It’s NASA’s Hunch Program.

“They put out projects that they don’t necessarily want to work on themselves but they want other people too,” said White.

The mission was to design software to help manage the schedules of astronauts in space.

In space, every minute is accounted for. Time management is a critical tool in safety and productivity.

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Working on this mission is a pretty big honor.

“Something out of the ordinary, like this is amazing,” said Austin Art.

The sophomores will now head to the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

But Platt’s contribution to the space mission doesn’t end there.

Over at the precision machining technology class, Mr. Tuttle’s students are creating space lockers for the International Space Station.

“They shipped us about 3,000 pounds of aerospace aluminum,” said David Tuttle, Precision Machining Technology Dept. Head.

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The lockers get filled with supplies, and shot into space on a rocket.

The designs need to be ultra lightweight and superstrong, all made by students.

“Planning, designing, use all the equipment we have here in the facility to create the program set up the jobs,” said Tuttle.

From software to hardware, Platt Tech students are soaring to incredible achievements.

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