BRISTOL, Conn. (WTNH) — So much of this year has been focused on social-emotional learning. A major player keeping the morale at Stafford Elementary School in Bristol up is their principal. 

Latanya Farrell has worked for the district for over two decades ago. She started her career at Stafford Elementary as a kindergarten teacher 25 years ago. This is her first year as principal at Stafford and her energy fills the hallways.

Each morning she leads the school’s morning announcements. In-person and virtual students log on to watch and listen to Farrell. Each morning she sings to the students and she’s now known as the singing principal. 

Farrell tells News 8, “Music is one of those arts that can bring us together so to use it in that way is awesome.”

The only thing more powerful than her voice is her heart, she loves her job, “It’s like a fun day to come in and serve kiddos and families and teachers and go home smiling.” 

If you ask the people who work with her, “Latanya is just what I feel the epitome of what an elementary principal should be.” 

Her secretary tells News 8, “It’s not like we all just get up and come to our job, here at Stafford Elementary we are family.” 

It’s the family built inside this school that’s helping students and parents navigate through one of the most challenging academic years. 

Parents like Jenipher Trude, “This has been a difficult year and I can say as a parent it would not have been as awesome if we didn’t have her.” 

Farrell says, “You know we talk about our why in education, this is my why. It gives me purpose each day to come in and do what I can to serve.”