EAST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Preparing students of all abilities ready for the real world makes East Haven High School’s program stand out.

They’re designing, pressing, and putting the finished product on display for sale.

The MakerSpace is a place where students like senior Kelly Nugent can tap into their creativity and build confidence to explore what’s possible.

“We could make our own logos,” senior Kelly Nugent said. “I could make a pink bee if I wanted. Especially, if I want to start my own business, now I know where to find the machine, the iron. I know the process.”

It’s not only a place the community can come to shop, it’s also a capstone course to engage learners of all abilities, preparing them for the real world.

Teacher Haley Lutar says it’s a transitional program for older students who may benefit from additional experiences before applying for jobs in the real world.

“We’re using practical skills and knowledge so they can be successful later on,” Lutar said.

It allows students to thrive whether they’re more interested in the artistic end of things, making graphics and design, or the business and marketing side.

“I actually work as a co-cashier,” Andres Lopez said.

He loves to have a role on the retail side, learning new skills while building confidence.

“They get to see their product on the shelf and see someone come in and say, ‘ooh, I really like this,’ and then buy it,” Lutar said. “They’re so excited about it. It’s just awesome.”

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