HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – A big focus for Connecticut has been building up our workforce. Our technical schools are making sure they’re stepping up to the place.

From tires to engines and almost everything in between, that’s what the students are learning about in automotive tech class at AI Prince Technical School in Hartford.

Wendell Soucy is the automotive technology department head at Prince Tech.

“It’s everything to me, I am, I had a great mentor in high school, a fabulous teacher, and that’s really what inspired me to one day want to be a teacher myself,” Soucy said.

Giving kids the opportunity to work different types of cars and the problems real customers deal with. They use training cars and also actual customer cars, giving them an education based on what happens day-to-day in real-life garages or a real-life dealership.

Some students take it a step further with their work-based learning program, very similar to an internship.

For CT Tech’s interim superintendent, she says it’s a win, win, helping the students and our state’s manufacturing industry.

“Expanding the way is that we as a manufacturing technology school-based system can enhance the workforce in Connecticut going forward,” said Ellen Solek, Interim Superintendent of CT Tech School District.

When it comes to the automotive industry, Soucy says there’s plenty of opportunity for his students.