WOODBRIDGE, Conn. (WTNH) — Students at Amity High School in Woodbridge are refining their photography skills and learning to restore images that some Florida families thought were lost forever.

In Lisa Toto’s classroom, students learned how to restore old photographs. Now, people in Florida whose homes were destroyed by Hurricane Ian in September needed their help.

“A lot of it started because people brought me albums. The albums were soaked and many people didn’t know what can be saved,” noted Krista Kowalczyk, a photographer specializing in impressions photography.

Kowalczyk is based in Florida, and she began shipping pictures out to get them restored. That’s when she realized the incredible work of Amity High School.

After months of labor, the students prepared and presented their work to a woman named Rosie. She had lost nearly everything. And one by one, her photos were brought back to life.

“You don’t know how heartfelt this is for me, since mommy is gone. I will frame that and put it in a very special place. Thank you,” she said.

It was a moving moment for her, and an impactful one for the students.

“I just felt like we were doing good. We were restoring humanity,” said senior Cassidy Smith.

This is more than just a classroom project, it’s making a difference in someone’s life. And yes, landing a good grade in school to boot.