ANSONIA, Conn. (WTNH) — In Ansonia, high school students are getting a head start in the real world with hands-on learning.

Teachers are hard at work. Only these educators are actually students themselves, getting real-life lessons in what it takes to be a the front of the class.

Education is one of several pathway programs offered at Ansonia High School. Principal Paul Giansanti says it’s focused, real-life experience and training he thought the students would need.

Principal Giansanti explained, “I looked at all the career fields. Where do you need jobs? Where are kids interested? So we have a medical pathway, an advanced manufacturing pathway, a future teachers pathway, a cyber security pathway, and an engineering pathway.”

Senior Justin Torres is in the education pathway and explained, “It was just so eye opening going over the lesson plans, going over it and practicing it, and just being in the position of experiencing it and actually teaching instead of being the learner. Which is cool.”

Students in the advanced manufacturing pathway are already getting comfortable with 3D printing.

Students walk into the classroom and, of course, learn the basics. But then they see how their work can be used in a productive way, printing out dice, or making a key that a custodian at the school actually needed them to make.

Senior William Ortega told News 8, “It’s pretty cool that an idea that came from your brain and you put the work into the computer and put your work into that someone can actually use it and for a good use.”

They may not be earning a paycheck, but they’re earning college credits to a number of different schools. Hands-on learning getting them excited for their future.