AVON, Conn. (WTNH) — As we transition out of this pandemic academic year, the summer programs across the state are getting back to normal.

This week we bring you to the Talcott Mountain Science Center and Academy. Their summer program is completely focused on STEM courses and runs for eight weeks into the month of August.   

“We try to keep things as normal as possible during an abnormal time,” Dean Lydia Gibb told News 8.

The academy did both in-person and online learning this past year.  

John Pellino is the associate director and runs the summer program.

“So, this summer we’re back pretty much full capacity compared to last summer,” Pellino told News 8.

After a year full of COVID guidelines and restrictions, they’re happy to see their staff and students getting back to normal.

“Here, those learning boundaries are off. They’re here in person, they get to do the hands-on work they’ve always done and that [has] really been our hallmark, getting the kids to do the things a practicing professional would do,” Pellino said.

They are finally getting back to their roots and providing the students with what makes their programs so unique.

“The key to learning and certainly what we feel here is engage the students,” Gibb said.

Every week is another set of about a half dozen courses. Kids can take one week if they only want to come for one course or they can attend all eight weeks and a myriad of different STEM courses.  

From robotics to 3-D printing, they’re not only continuing the previous school year but also giving these students a jumpstart on the year ahead, “getting them sort of caught up on what they need for the fall.”