BERLIN, Conn. (WTNH) – On a quest to make a difference. It’s not only about bettering their own skills and development but in some cases, making an impact on the community as well.

“Quest is exciting because it really allows them to dive into issues they are very passionate about,” said Danielle Salina, Library Media Specialist.

“Breast cancer is something very near and dear to my heart because last year, my mother passed away from breast cancer at the very young age of 44. Because of that, I wanted to look into how breast cancer affects patients and if it would lead patients to want to be euthanized,” said Meghan Snyder, 8th grader at Berlin Middle school.

Quest at Berlin Middle School puts students up to research their own topic of personal interest and develop some kind of deliverable.

“Some of them create podcasts or video blogs. We’ve had students create Bob Ross paintings. They’ve also learned how to be more connected to our town of Berlin and give back to our community,” Salina said.

It’s similar to what high school seniors are doing to prepare for college and the students are grateful for the challenge.

“The class helped develop presentation skills like eye contact and speaking clearly to your audience, and to be engaging, not just a bland robot,” said Aadil Malik, 8th grader at Berlin Middle School.

“I was blown away by how far I was able to come because of Quest,” Snyder said.

A 12-week project that all comes down to this.