BRANFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – From songs in a classroom to worldwide travel. There’s a musical group making the most of their talents.

The Branford High School Music Makers is a highly sought-after auditioned singing group.

“I worked and I worked and I finally got here,” said Lieve Shpitalnik.

You may catch them caroling this holiday season, although, right now, they’re practicing for an upcoming trip to Walt Disney World.

“We’re recording with some of the recordings artists,” said Mike Martone, Jr., Music Director. “We’re performing on some of the stages there.”

The group is excited about their performance at Walt Disney World. Program directors say it’s much more than what happens on the stage on that trip.

“It’s a way to get music history in and really understand the culture of music and how it’s bigger than just singing songs in a classroom,” Martone, Jr. said.

In years past, they’ve traveled to Europe and other big destinations. They raise their own funds and learn to travel on their own, which are skills you can’t always learn in a classroom. It’s their impact on others they’re most proud of.

“When everyone comes together to listen to something as joyful as the music that we’ve been creating,” Shpitalnik said. “It created a feeling of hope for all who come to listen.”