BRANFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Branford students are learning a new language for more than just the knowledge, but to serve a bigger purpose as well.

These students are giving more than just the gift of reading, they’re writing books as well.

It may look like a normal sixth-grade class learning a new language, but look a little closer, and you’ll find that these first-year Spanish speakers are already writing books. And they’re not just any books.

“They’re creating books for children at a refugee center,” said Laura Dell, the sixth-grade Spanish

The children at the Francis Walsh Intermediate School in Branford are creating books that will land in the hands of new families coming to America. So, they’re giving the gift of reading and a token to say “welcome”.

“It means a lot. Even if it stays in the library there, it will be a gift to all of them knowing they can be comfortable here and they have a source of entertainment to calm them down for whatever is going rough in their life,” said sixth-grader Cooper Knowlton.

There are about 200 students who made books this year. They are all going to be packed up and sent to New Mexico by the end of February.

For genres and topics, students tried to pick subjects that refugee families could relate to or that would help them understand this new country.

Plus, this project gives students a drive to learn their curriculum.

“It helped me learn more about Spanish!” said sixth-grader Paityn Nelson.