BRISTOL, Conn. (WTNH) – An old building is now giving students a new opportunity. It’s a building that’s been sitting in Bristol serving students on and off for 100 years.

Now, after a shutdown and a complete renovation, it’s reopened once again this year, giving students a brand new opportunity.

“So, the school is centered on preparing students to be successful in their future in the industry that’s focused on the creative arts pathway,” said Carly Fortin, Chief Academic Officer for Bristol Public Schools.

The Bristol Arts and Innovation Magnet School or BAIMS as they call it gives students the freedom to explore their creative side.

“It’s going good, it’s pretty fun. We did a lot of teamwork exercises, hang around people you don’t know, and you get to work with them, so you can be friends with them,” said Kamdyn Treannie, 6th-grade student.

Acting classes take place in the black box theater and dance studio that used to be a pool years ago. The performance classes will eventually take students to the stage in the Rockwell Theater, named for Albert Rockwell who donated the land for the building back in 1919. It’s what many students are looking forward to.

There’s a big focus on this gorgeous newly renovated building, but a big part of the curriculum is connecting the students with the rest of the community.

From the classroom to creative arts, each pathway has a partnership with a college or university as well to set students on a path to success.

It gives them the confidence to pursue their passions.