BRISTOL, Conn. (WTNH) — A student in Bristol is getting a head-start on the next chapter in life — both financially and through a family of mentors.

From St. Paul Catholic School in Bristol to the real world, Watertown’s Marcus Conception has hit the ground running after learning he’s one of the scholarship earners this year of the Thomas and Elsie Deeley Foundation. The family organization carefully selects who is welcomed into their pay-it-forward scholarship model.

“Kind of feels like you are a family member,” Marcus said.

It’s not just about paying for college; each recipient is matched-up with a former recipient in their field to help them along the way.

Concepcion, fresh off high school graduation, has already been matched-up with a mentor to help him as he pursues a career in aerospace engineering.

“Just being able to talk to him about how being an engineer is, any tips and guidance he can give me and in the future, as a member of the foundation, I’ll be a mentor myself,” Concepcion said.

Then, in the future, he’ll become a mentor — an opportunity not all students have.

The Deeley Foundation recently partnered-up with the catholic school.

“It’s huge with the cost of education these days,” President of St. Paul Catholic School Cary Dupont said. “To have our students have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship with the many partners and schools the foundation works with. Anything from a partial to full is a blessing. its a gift for our kids.”

Financial support to chasing dreams, along with a family to support you along the way.

“The pay it forward really inspires each recipient to not take it for granted and just continue to grow the foundation,” Dupont said.