MILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – Summer is a great time to be in the great outdoors. The Connecticut Audubon Society puts on day camps every year for kids to help them better understand their environment near the shore and the creatures that live in and around it.

Forty campers, aged 5 to 11, are off to spend their day by the shore to see what they can find. In all, there is 700 acres of marshland to explore. Binoculars are handed out to the kids so they can get up close and personal to the scenery on the ground and explore what’s up in the air.

There is a lot of excitement about what they are discovering. Connie Johnson is looking forward to going into first grade in the fall, but right now, she’s reporting on her findings. First is an Osprey nest.

“We saw Fiddler crabs,” Johnson said. “They have one big claw and they have one little claw.”

Reid Gastwirth who is about to be in 6th grade is visiting from Del Ray Beach, Florida, and enrolled in the camp.

“I saw a couple of birds, the Ospreys over there, and then some snails too,” Reid said.

Jessica Sanchez of Milford is a camp counselor and knows her town’s coastline very well. Having started at the Connecticut Audubon Society camp when she was very young, she’s right at home teaching others what she’s learned.

“Sharing our ecosystem, our marsh, and our beach, Long Island Sound, just teaching them all about how we can protect it and preserve it for everyone else to see it as well,” Sanchez said.

Connecticut’s coastline is special. At a young age, these campers are getting an appreciation for its beauty.