CLINTON, Conn. (WTNH) — Not all students love math and numbers, but one school in Clinton has found an alternative to engage those students.

The Morgan School’s data science class is a course designed to work with numbers using a different approach. It focuses on computer programming and analyzing data in a meaningful, relatable way.

“We said look, we want to target something that students can relate to, they know about, it’s a hot field whatever they go into, and it’s not just for jobs. We think of it as quantitative literacy,” said John Madura, a data science teacher at The Morgan School.

The class is just what senior Joy Rodney needed: a math class she could not only understand but one she is excited about.

“I was really struggling with math for such a long time,” Rodney said. “I’ve always had Ds in the class but now its my last year and I have an A+.”

She is not alone.

“I think it’s a really unique way to experience math,” said senior Noelle Woods.

The students collect data about their own lives and analyze it critically to better understand themselves and their community.

“It’s kind of a math that’s better for me. I’m not really good at the algebra, Xs and Ys,” said senior Jonathan Blair. “It’s about things that are happening in the real word and something that I can connect to.”