The sign says it all. It’s the best kept secret in town. 

The popular bistro is inside HC Wilcox Technical High School in Meriden

“It sits about 42 people, its open to the public,” said Chef Jose Calle. 

It’s all part of the school’s culinary program, led by Chef Jose Calle for over a decade. 

No surprise, its popular with students. 

Senior Samantha Minora knew from the start that baking was something she was passionate about. 

Taylor Mitchell has already used her experience in the kitchen to earn some money outside of school. 

“This program sparked something in me to start a cupcake business,” said Taylor Mitchell. 

TaylorMade custom cupcakes. 

“I’ve done weddings, wedding rehearsals and birthday parties,” said Mitchell. 

The students also help make lunches for the seven-hundred and fifty other students at H C Wilcox Technical High School. 

All the revenue made from the restaurant goes back into the kitchen to buy food, supplies and equipment

In the process providing the students everything they need to step right into a successful career. 

“When they graduate, they have all they need to go into the workforce,” said Chef Calle.