It’s no easy task to be named middle school of the year. In Stratford, the David Wooster Middle School has accomplished just that.

They’ve done it by allowing students to lead each other.

For example, 8th grader Olivia Jenkins had a robotics class in the first semester.

“Mr. K. did not tell us anything on how to do this,” Olivia said, “He was like ‘this is what you are gonna do, go do it’.”

So, Olivia is leading the way. In the class, the students work among their peers coding, coordinating automation and building robots.

It’s the journey of learning, not the finished product that is so valuable. The students learn how to think critically and how to collaborate to solve problems.

Wooster will now shine as one of Connecticut’s best according to the Connecticut Association of Schools, providing an all-inclusive & nurturing school climate and then watching students thrive.

“We like to say in Stratford we have a growth mindset where we’re always trying to grow, socially academically emotionally trying to support students any way we can,” said Principal Brian Darcy.


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