EAST HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – Transitioning into a new school can be challenging, especially in high school. But some school districts are making it a priority to ensure nobody falls behind.

Kids are back in the classroom and while there’s a lot of focus on the excitement of a new year, the truth is, not all students go into the year with such a great outlook.

“Coming in, I still had that middle school mindset. I didn’t like coming to school,” said Juliana Jorden. “I wasn’t really a school person.”

East Hartford High School’s Juliana Jorden and Amarr Djibo had a similar experience of not wanting to go to school.

“To be honest, that freshman year, I was lazy,” Djibo said. “I didn’t want to do anything except stay home and play games.”

That was until they met Antionette Locke and Kayla Walker. They are “On Track Coordinators” at East Hartford High School and help students at the school.

“Our role is to help incoming freshman that may have struggled during their 8th-grade year be on track and make it through to sophomore year,” Walker said.

It’s more than just checking in on getting them to class and doing homework. It’s about building relationships and confidence. Walker and Locke have 60 students each to keep on track this year.

It’s not just the students and coordinators who need to get involved. Families are also part of the solution.

“We’re happy to meet you at home, Dunkin’ Donuts, the library, wherever you feel most comfortable,” Locke said.

For Jorden and Djibo, it put them on the path to graduation.

“I’m excited. I like school now,” Jorden said. “I found my people to hang out with. I found my subjects; the teachers here are great.”