ESSEX, Conn. (WTNH) — A state-of-the-art lab is focused on preparing students for a booming industry in Essex.

The colors are bright and the learning is exciting in this school lab.

“I like it because I think it’s a lot better than just staying in the classroom and doing the microscope work in there. We get to come in here and draw on the whiteboards,” said sixth grader Maggie Keenan.

It’s the new, state-of-the-art STEM lab at Essex Elementary School, gifted to them by the Essex Elementary School Foundation. It’s not just any room, it was one designed to inspire the students.

“They come in and just see math in a different way. They don’t think ‘oh I have to work in my workbook or my journal,'” said Shannon Vandermale, a math coach. “They think today they can be up and moving around with different kids and doing different types of math.”

And what’s especially unique about the room is a beautiful mural, which has hidden Easter Eggs in it. Within the mural are different STEM elements for the students to find! It’s a contest happening in the elementary school.

“It’s really fun though to look at the mural and try to find something hidden in it,” said sixth grader Emily Blicharz.

The Connecticut Science Center helped design the lab to help promote creativity and exploration beyond core science subjects, such as engineering, robotics, and math.

The world of science is an industry booming with possibilities.

“I like looking under cells in a microscope, we were looking at like blood cells, bread cells,” said Keenan.

“We want them to be problem-solvers and that’s what we hope this space will help us to do,” said Vandermale.

They say the careers our students will be engaged in, don’t even exist yet. That’s how forward-thinking labs like the one in Essex are now.