GLASTONBURY, Conn. (WTNH) – It’s one of the first things children are required to learn in the classroom in one school and they’re making a whole show of it!

From singing the alphabet to walking the runway, a kindergarten class at Naubuc Elementary School hosts an ABC Fashion Show to help kids learn in a way that’s fun.

“It’s exciting, it’s memorable, it makes them understand, it’s important when we do something like this,” said Kindergarten teacher Jennifer Barton.

The kids are assigned a letter and then design vests to illustrate it. The best part about it is that moms and dads get to come watch as they sport their creations on stage.

“Our son Leonardo just started kindergarten. It’s amazing to see, it’s so fun to watch him. Build confidence and learn at the same time. He’s having a lot of fun,” said Glastonbury parent, Delilah Dicrescenzo.

The crafting becomes a family affair.

“We all went out together to get the supplies. We all helped put it together. He also had help from his brother and sister,” explained Glastonbury parent Jordan Russell.