GLASTONBURY, Conn. (WTNH) – Never underestimate what our youngest are capable of. Kindergarteners in Glastonbury are young mathematicians in the making.

Shapes in 2D and 3D, working in stations and learning as a group. Just three weeks into the school year and kindergarteners at Naubuc Elementary School in Glastonbury are already laying the groundwork and building up their knowledge of numbers and shapes. They are preparing for a lifetime of math.

“Kindergarten is like a miracle year. They learn so fast and sometimes I think they learn in spite of what I do, not because of what I do,” said Jennifer Barton, a kindergarten teacher. “I just need to put out a little bit and the learning happens.”

The students learn through hands-on experiences. When the kids come in on their first day, they quickly start to discover what’s a toy and what’s a tool, and in many cases, they find that they’re one and the same.

“It’s a rigorous year with a lot of expectations,” Barton said. “They’re high in reading, writing, in math, science and social studies. We teach all the subjects, so every day we’re going through the things, but we do it little by little.”

They are learning new things — and having fun doing it.