GRISWOLD, Conn. (WTNH) – More students in Connecticut are going onto college after high school and part of that is because of a new program the state has implemented.

It’s about guiding students beyond a high school classroom and navigating what can be a complicated process. Griswold High School is one of a few schools nationwide taking it to the next step to help students move onto higher education.

They’ve brought Caitlin Pichette, a career advisor as part of the new college advising corporation, which is a statewide initiative to increase higher education enrollment rates.

“Speaking personally, that whole college application process is very intimidating, so having that one-on-one attention that I can just be there to answer questions for them as a support, I think that’s a huge benefit,” Pichette said.

A recent college graduate herself, Pichette is helping students through the process.

“I’ve had them ask, ‘oh what does a class look like, can I talk to a professor?’ Answering those questions more personally, I feel is a great opportunity for them,” Pichette said.

The state launched the program after higher education enrollment fell 5% from 2019 to 2022.

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