Conn. (WTNH) — As seniors wrap-up high school this year, it’s not just about SAT scores and a graduation ceremony. In Higganum, students are learning about their own growth.

As seniors get ready to complete their final year at Haddam Killingworth High School, there’s one big presentation ahead — only Principal Donna Hayward said this one isn’t about classroom curriculum.

“They essentially look back at their four years of learning and reflect on how far they’ve come, how much they’ve grown,” Hayward said.

It’s the senior portfolio where students demonstrate they’ve mastered five key learning expectations: cultural understanding, communicating clearly, investigating and applying information, can work independently and collaboratively, and can demonstrate creative learning.

“Personally, I’ve grown a lot in learning Expectation Number 3, which is evaluating information and applying information, which I think is super important because there’s so much information in front of us nowadays,” student Jack Ferguson said.

Then, they present their accomplishments in their portfolio to faculty — helping them learn more about themselves along the way.

“To prove that we have learned them and developed them over the four years has been enlightening, because I’ve never really though about how far I’ve grown in the four years just within each class,” student Abby Jones said.

The big picture of how far they’ve come — as they get ready to enter the real world.

This is the first class at this school to wrap-up their time this way.

“I think it is nice, we’re kind of a catalyst for bringing this into the next couple of generations. ,” student Callen Power said.