HADDAM-KILLINGWORTH, Conn. (WTNH) — At Haddam-Killingworth Middle School and Intermediate School, they want to make sure their teachers know how much they are appreciated.

Michele Ouelette is the Lead Teacher for Student Life. She tells News 8, “I’m sort of in charge of culture and climate.”  

Overseeing students from fourth to eighth grade. She says a big part of the school climate is the teachers, “I am in charge of culture for the students but honestly the students aren’t going to have a good day if the teachers aren’t having a good day.”  

This year, Ouelette started ‘Staff Wellness Days’. She organizes yoga days, paint nights, and wellness lunches for the teachers at the school.

“I really just wanted to make sure I was doing something to support them as well so that they could give their best during the day and feel appreciated,” Ouelette says.  

She organizes a Google sheet and teachers fill out their orders, pay her through Venmo, and the restaurant will deliver the meals for the staff members during lunch periods.  

Jessica Spearrin is a fifth-grade teacher. She tells News 8, “Our lives are so chaotic and to have a little bit of love makes a big difference.”  

Love with a side of Pad Thai, “Knowing that she’s backing us up and supporting us makes a big difference and makes our job easier.”  

It’s a small gesture that makes a huge impact on the staff members at the school. Helping make the days a little better during such a tough year, “Having a little bit of comfort from Michele makes a big difference.” Spearrin says.