HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH) — A club more than 50-years-old is recruiting this summer — it takes swimming to a new level of performance.

It’s no longer called synchronized swimming, but the ladies on the Hamden Heronettes Artistic Swim Team know how to move, perform, and dazzle in-sync while underwater, making it look effortless.

“When the music starts, it’s like lots of adrenaline,” Emily Kogut of the Hamden Heronettes said. “It’s hard to hold your breath and do movements, so it’s a workout, too.”

Chloe Butts, another member of the Hamden Heronettes, echoed her love of the sport.

“It’s a different personality,” Butts said. “Like, you have your on-land personality and in-the-water personality. There’s smiles, music, cool moves.”

The Hamden Heronettes, established in 1970, is always recruiting boys and girls of all ages during the summer months.

You might be thinking to yourself: If I can swim, I can do this. But the Heronettes said it’s deceptively challenging.

Trying to stay coordinated upside-down and underwater? That’s another beast.

This long-running, incredibly talented artistic swim team doesn’t only perform — they compete and fundraise. They’re a family who is always looking to welcome new members.

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