WINDSOR, Conn. (WTNH) – In this beautiful, picturesque Northwest Park in Windsor, kids at Camp Foxfire are able to immerse themselves in nature and gain respect for the environment.

“We really immerse our campers in environmental education. They get to experience hands-on, field-based learning. So, while they’re having fun and participating in your typical camp activities and games, they’re also learning and really experiencing things in the field, dipping in the pond, discovering what lives there, and just really getting hands-on with it,” said Theresa Nodine, Environmental Education Coordinator, Northwest Park.

Campers also learn about ladybugs and aphids living among the plants and practice a little farming by putting seeds into cups so they can watch a plant grow.

The kids find themselves getting used to the noises of a working farm. They learn how to feed the animals and what they have to do to care for them.

Mary Alice Schuck is a camp teacher. She’s risen up through the ranks, starting as a camper there in first grade.

“We’re trying to teach the kids all about the farm animals. We have a barn right over there and so, every day, we bring them to the barn and we meet a new animal. Today is duck day,” Schuck said.

Owned and operated by the Town of Windsor, Northwest Park, the site of the day camp, reveals 473 acres boarded by the Farmington River, and has 12 miles of hiking trails.

Though the campers get to spend their days there, the park is open year-round for everyone else to enjoy.

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