MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (WTNH) – Teens in Middletown are taking on a bigger role than just students competing for a spot on Mercy High School’s executive board.

It might seem like a normal day in Spanish class at Middletown’s Mercy High School, but there’s actually fierce competition among the Catholic school teens right now.

It was Election Day and several candidates were eyeing a spot on the executive board.

“They are planning events, they are keeping student’s morale up, and they are thinking about ways to collaborate not just with our brother school up the road, but also with service projects and figuring out ways to do outreach with our community,” said Alissa DeJonge, President of Mercy High School.

Jasmine Mendez has been on the board. It hasn’t always been easy navigating the role during the pandemic.

“We’ve been trying to bring the school spirit up and just have everyone hyped to go to school and make sure everyone has a good time with events and activities,” Mendez said.

“It’s a team effort. You can’t just do something by yourself, you need other people to back you up, help you,” said Madilyn Tarbone, a senior at Mercy High School.

Madilyn Tarbone knows. She graduates this year and says she will take her experiences with her well out of high school.

“I got much more confident doing this and I’m going to take that to college with me. I feel like as a freshman and a sophomore, I was kind of like nervous coming to Mercy, but now I feel like I’m ready, I’m ready for the real world,” Tarbone said.

“I want these students to see themselves as leaders and see themselves as making a difference to not only the Mercy community but also to the larger community,” DeJonge said.

The ballots are in and the executive board is something right at Mercy High School.