MILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — The Winter Games may be over, but the competition continues for students at a school in Milford who are setting their own goals and taking their creativity to a whole new level.

Just like in the Olympics, the athletes in the West Shore Middle School Robot Olympics are tested.

“Not everything is as easy as it seems,” 6th grader Leo Koutikas said.

All the teams report to the technical education teacher, Ari Crooks, and it can get pretty heated.

“There’s always that nice competitive aspect of it that motivates some kids and kind of have a little talk with each other as well,” Crooks said.

Principal Carrie Keramis said what makes this different is all of the kids are in the driver’s seat. They set their own goals, choose their own events, and decide what is a win and a loss.

“Mr. Crooks didn’t tell them what was right and what was wrong,” Keramis said. “They created their own success criteria. Perseverance and overcoming obstacles are one of the most important things that we do in life.”

Students are also getting a head start on coding, which is not a bad idea in the growing sector.

“I think I want to become a professional coder when I grow up,” student Lehitha Eduru said.

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