(WTNH) — Students at Lyman Memorial High School in Lebanon, Conn., have the opportunity to work with animals every morning.

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The Agricultural Science Program at Lyman Memorial High School is anything but predictable, especially when students like Taylor Ruitto find themselves delivering baby lambs in the middle of the night.

“My parents are incredibly supportive and they were willing to drive me out here at four in the morning,” said Ruitto. “It’s an incredible experience to be here when they’re born and watch them grow up.”

This isn’t a one way street where the students learn these skills and go off into the real world with them, instead they’re making meaningful contributions to the property during their time.

“The students are re-designing the front of the school, and they can get a better view using their student drone operators,” said Brenda Wiles of Lyman Memorial High School.

Hunter Brittman, a senior at Lyman, said it’s pretty cool to inspect the roof, look over the scenery and take video shots with the drone.