GLASTONBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — In this week’s What’s Right with Schools, we’re bringing you to Naubuc Elementary in Glastonbury, where first-grade students are getting a unique learning experience.

A combined music and science class gives these students a hands-on way to learn about the two subjects.

Becki Walter is the music teacher, she worked with the first-grade teachers to come up with the curriculum: “It’s fun for me because I get to step out of my comfort zone.”

One of the things she teaches is vibrations and the science behind sounds. Walter explains that music can be used to help learn everything from English to Social Studies, “and all these other things, and vice versa, music is science and writing.”

Walter’s been the music teacher for four years and has been leading the combination class for two years.

Walter tells News 8 it’s beneficial to the students because they are “not sitting in the classroom with a worksheet or whatever, they [are] doing this unit, they get to be a little more hands-on.”