NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Students at Lincoln-Bassett Community School in New Haven are learning just how vital coding is in various careers.

“We decided to do the Hour of Code, which is one hour where you get as many people involved as you can, even like the counselors, the people who are normally aides,” STEM teacher Kimberly Stewart said. “I want them to see what coding is.”

Family members, staffers, and students in all different classrooms at the Lincoln-Bassett Community School are learning together by coding a dance party.

“We choose a move, we got to code them, we pick our song,” fifth-grader Amari Kelley said.

Kelley’s aunt, Riketta Jones, joined him in class to learn how it works.

“He always comes home talking about it, and I’m just like, ‘oh yeah, coding, coding, yes,'” Jones said with a laugh. “But now actually seeing it, hands-on… It’s pretty cool. I wish we had this when we were younger.”

The best part is that people can learn to code at any age and time. Several classrooms at Lincoln-Bassett Community School are doing it, and you at home can do it, too.

Hour of Code is a worldwide, grassroots, one-hour introduction to computer science to encourage anyone and everyone to learn the basics.

“I get to make the characters move and get them to dance to different songs,” sixth grader Mozay Harris said.

“I’m going to have the fresh, the floss, and the shoot,” Kelley said.

The students and adults work together to learn a skill used in most industries.

“By the end, I would say they’ve done 50 lines of code,” Stewart said.

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