NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — A teacher in New Haven is on a mission to go green, tapping into world travel to keep his learning going this summer.

Ben Scudder, an environmental studies teacher at the High School in the Community in New Haven, is heading for Scandinavia thanks to a Fund for Teachers Grant that offers teachers professional development opportunities. He’s on a mission to learn new ways to go green.

“I’ll be spending four weeks traveling around Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland,” Scudder said. “I’ll be studying clean energy practices and sustainability, and also interviewing local people to talk about their relationship to the environment. The really cool thing about that is that we can take that back here, and work with the kids and build some of these small-scale, renewable energy projects.”

The school’s is already underway in the clean energy and sustainability lab, where students have been working on growing throughout the school year. They’ve built these new garden beds, and students like senior Yeuris Asencio have been planting trees while developing their own green practices.

“We’ve been doing projects in class like recycling paper, especially because we’re in a school ee use a lot of paper and don’t really have a recycling system, so me and another student came up with that project to just try to help in little ways.”

Students are excited to see how they can be involved.

“Climate change is going really fast, so I wanted to help the most I could,” freshman Louvia Rosario said. “You might as well start young than later on.”