What’s Right with Schools: Newington High School Information Technology and Digital Innovation

Whats Right With Schools

It’s a hyper focused start into a future career that starts at Newington high school. 

“Oh ya , sophomore year I was just floating around not knowing what I was going to do, then I entered the academy junior year and it’s been a rocket since then,” said Anthony Ruiz. 

Newington high school offers six career academy programs. 

It’s a deep dive into a career path, like information technology and digital innovation. 

“I made a class that is specifically for exploring all the worlds of technology. Are you a graphic designer or are you better as a computer IT maintenance person do you like to code?,” said computer science teacher Christopher Kerr. 

Writing code was something that sounded good to Ryan Sharp. 

A major part of the program is connecting students to local companies through job shadows, internships and guest speakers. 

“I got to work with actual developers and learn new program languages to help them develop an interface where they could use Siri to interact thier phone and client management system,” said Sharp. 

It’s a symbiotic relationship for businesses like Kelser corporation, at IT cyber security company and one of the schools “partners of the year”. 

“We’re seeding our own industry. We’re creating the option for us to have recruits someday- maybe it’s not my company maybe it’s another company,” said Tom Sharp, Vice President Operations Kelser Operations. 

One possible future superstar recruit is Olga Veselova, who could be on the verge of developing a world changing app. 

” I’m working on an app that I made for little kids to learn their shapes and colors,” said Veselova

Students properly prepared for a career path full of lucrative opportunity. 

“Technology is all around us – think about it. We are on technology right now, careers are limitless,” said Sharp. 

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