NORWICH, Conn. (WTNH) — In this week’s What’s Right with Schools we take you to Norwich Technical High School for the full culinary experience.  

As we sit down for a four-course meal, we were able to select options specifically chosen by the students. From steak tips to seafood risotto, they offered advanced dishes.  

The students in the culinary program work alongside Department Head Jason Bentley. He has been the department head for seven years and before that spent 20 years traveling and cooking all over the country.

Bentley says, “The program really gets them in the mindset of a restaurant to understand what it’s really like.” 

These students prepare high quality meals at a fast pace, as if they were working in the industry.    

“So it’s great to see that higher-end higher level. It’s not just soups or sandwiches, it’s things where they can go out and show. Show they can cook lobster; ‘you can sautee shrimp, that’s great. You know what flambé is,’” says Bentley. 

Graduating with such experience will give these students a leg up when they go out into the culinary career field. 

For senior Bradley Snyder, he’s excited to continue his culinary career at Johnson and Wales University and hopes to one day open a place of his own, “in a big city like New York, Vegas, or California.” 

For Bentley, the hands-on experience is unbeatable but there’s so much more the program offers the students.

“At the end of the day, it’s customer service, it’s speed, it’s organization,” explained Bentley. “They have to be ready to go, their line has to be set, all the little things they need to make their dishes. So, they’re learning a lot more than they realize they’re learning.”