PLAINVILLE, Conn. (WTNH) — Over the last year, environmental science students at Plainville High School have been working to create a greenhouse on the school campus. It’s a class project come to life.  

Tessa Naparstek and Joe Rossi are two of the seniors leading the project. They’ve been working alongside their teacher, John Czerwinski, since the beginning.  

Rossi told News 8, “Well really it started in my environmental science class.” The idea sparked an interest in the students who wanted to promote agriculture in their own town.  

Naparstek said, “I think a lot of us just felt drawn to continue it.”  

The class brought in the Board of Education, the principal, and the superintendent. Rossi explained, “They all loved the idea of having a greenhouse at the school.”

They even got support from the town manager and from there, the project took off.  

They drafted up a plan to transform six parking spaces into a greenhouse at the back of the high school building. The entire plan is valued at about $15,000.  

Several community groups came together to provide funds for the project. Some of those groups included Fuller and Myrtle Barnes Fund for Education, Merrimack Family Fund at the Main Street Community Foundation, Petit Family Foundation, and PCS Innovation in Education Grant.  

Patriquin Architects also worked with them on their vision during the early stages of the project.  

Czerwinski’s science classes didn’t do the project alone; they partnered up with Plainville High School’s special education classes.

Christina Kiley is the supervisor and said, “It’s a way for our students to work within our community, and it’s something they can give back.”

Now, they’re just weeks away from breaking ground and the students are excited to watch their hard work come to life.

Naparstek said, “It feels like a dream come true.”  

Czerwinski told News 8, “I try to create opportunities and open doors for my students and they’re running through them.”