(WTNH) — In this week’s What’s Right with Schools we are continuing the summer edition with a summer pilot program in Fairfield.  

Sacred Heart University and Haddad and Partners marketing agency teamed up to provide a four-week graphic design program to 10 students from Bridgeport.  

DJ Haddad is the founder of Haddad and Partners and tells News 8, “Our goal is to show these kids about graphic design as a viable career choice.”  

The students learn about different aspects of graphic design over the four weeks. Magge Galiardi is a professional illustrator, designer, and commercial artist. She is teaching the second week of the course and introducing the students to Adobe programming.  

Mary Treschitta is the Chair of the Art Design Department at Sacred Heart University. She worked with Haddad and Partners to organize the program. Treshitta tells News 8, “You can go to painting and you can go to drawing in the summer and get those kinds of classes but years ago the graphic design was not like on the tip of the artist’s tongue.” 

Together, they’re working to provide students a window to see all of the career opportunities available.  

Along with the four-week free program, the ten students from Bridgeport receive their own Surface laptop and a year-long subscription to kick off their professional portfolio.  

“I was like them, I grew up in Waterbury I was always living in the art room but like any art room kid you hear 1,000 times ‘you’re never going to make money in art,’” Haddad says.  

The program is giving the teens a jumpstart by providing guidance and direction towards their dreams, “So they make better decisions now at a younger age. We can catch them early and get them directed, I think, correctly. It’s almost like, you know, guidance and counseling.”  

Hoping to grow the program into other cities and towns next summer, “What my goal is to take these kids and ‘you were interested in art?’…You know, show them that the other is a whole world of prayers out there that you can translate you know all that passion into.”